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Typical applications

Aviation. Repair of flap tracks, abradable seals, HVOF repair of landing gears and reclamation of worn jet engine components.

Electrical. Armature journal repair, non-conductive ceramic coatings.

Hydraulics. Wear resistant HVOF carbide coatings on hydraulic rams. Commonly used as a hard chrome replacement. We have developed a specific coating for wear and corrosion resistance in salt water environments.

Mining and mineral processing. Hard carbide-based coatings on original equipment for drilling, exploration, high pressure acid leaching and oxidation systems.

Oil & gas. Carbide coating and finishing of BOP pistons and gate valves. Carbide coating and grinding of ball valves.

Printing. Repair of oscillator rollers, knurled Rilsan rollers, fountain rollers, grip rollers, blanket/plate cylinders, nip rings, gripper bars.

Packaging. Repair of corona rollers, treater rollers, lamination rollers, glue applicator rollers.

Petrochemical. Thermally sprayed aluminium for corrosion protection, hydraulic cylinder repair.

Power generation. Thermal barrier coatings on combustion liners and transition pieces. Alseal coatings on industrial gas turbine compressor blades.

Pulp & paper. Repair of bearing housings, bearing journals, vac pump housings, in-feed and out-feed grip rollers.

Pumps. Repair of gland packing areas and lip seal journals. Carbide coatings on high-wear surfaces such as impellers, shafts, castings, casing rings, gland sleeves.

Rail. Repair of axle bearing journals and gearbox housings.

Refining. Chrome replacement and coatings for severe service ball valves and gate valves.