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Metallurgical laboratory for certification compliance

Laboratory technicians include doctorate-degree research scientists who develop unique surface coatings to combat the effects of corrosion, erosion, wear, abrasion and thermal fatigue on many base material. In-house capabilities include:

  • sample / coupon preparation
  • microscopy evaluation
  • surface profile readings
  • bond line contamination
  • micro-hardness
  • digital imaging
  • surface visual comparators for cleanliness and/or contamination
  • adhesion tests for bond and tensile strength
  • micrographic cross-section evaluation using image analysis software

Our metallurgical laboratory tests and certifies components and repairs to ensure conformance to relevant standards. Metallurgical testing to international standards include:

  • ASTM C633
  • ASTM E384
  • ASTM E1920
  • ASTM E2109
  • J442